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Parents need to know about Dance-At-Fortnite-Holiday-Trees-in-Different-Named-Locations

Fortnite and You: Some DIY Ideas to Pull your Kid away from Fortnite

Kids of all ages are playing Fortnite. What was considered a fleeting fad seems like it’s here to stay. They’re playing on their Playstation, Xbox, Switch and even phone. When they aren’t playing Fortnite, they’re most likely watching someone on YouTube or Twitch who is streaming. The reason it concerns so many parents is because it seems the game may be addicting. No worries, we have some idea on how to entertain your child without alienating them altogether.

If you Can’t Beat them, Join Them

Fortnite Slurp Juice made in Mason Jars with Straw.

This one is really easy and depends on how long you want to keep your child entertained for. The idea is to take the “Slurp Juice” from the game and create a real-life, drinkable version. You could go really simple and focus on decorating the mason jar and applying blue liquid. However, if you really want to impress your kiddo try making something blue and drinkable from scratch!

You can Never go Wrong with Baking…

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