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3 Thanksgiving Dinner Items you Didn’t Know you Needed

Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate amongst friends and family. This day is about gratitude and of course, great food. But, if you’ve ever hosted Thanksgiving day dinner you know it can be hectic and overwhelming to plan. You have to worry about the cooking, party and dinner supplies and lastly cleaning up. So, what if we told you there was a way to ease the clean up time to make your Thanksgiving just a bit easier? Salty Supply Co. has taken the time to think about some disposable Thanksgiving dinner items you might have known you needed.

Disposable items are a great way to save some money and time this holiday season. High-quality disposable products make it easy for you to host your party and present your dinner items in the way you like without the high-end price tag. The main benefit of disposable containers and items in your home is you’ll never lose your glass or plastic tupperwares again. Experience the freedom while still enjoying the spirit of giving.

1. Disposable To-Go Containers

We’ve all been there. It’s mid-January, you’ve just finished cooking and invited some guests over. There’s leftover food and you decided to pack some for your guests. You excitedly open up your cabinet only to find, NO TUPPERWARES! Now what?

We thought a lot about this and realized that holiday dinner and left over prep may leave us without our tupperwares going into the new year. Item number 1 is disposable to-go containers. Never be left without tupperwares again and keep your guests happy and full this holiday season.

2. Sauce Cups

Part of Thanksgiving dinner is gravy. Lots and lots of gravy. In fact, one of the best parts of most Thanksgiving dinners is all of the sauces! So, make it easier for your guests to take home the entire leftovers menu. Disposable sauce cups are great way to make sure the feeling of Thanksgiving lives on.

3. Mason Jars

Finally, you’ve prepared all the food, eaten all the turkey, cleaned up and packed up all the leftovers. How about topping off Thanksgiving dinner with dessert? You probably. serve it in a glass, cup or bowl like you usually do but how about using something special on this special occasion? Disposable, plastic Mason Jars are a great and inexpensive way to serve up some traditional dessert in a non-traditional way. It’s sure to make your guests and family feel special and oh so full.

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